Starr King School for the Ministry

2012-11-28 13.22.20

The Starr King School for the Ministry is one of four buildings designed by prominent Berkeley architect Walter Ratcliff, Jr. In contrast to the other three Ratcliff buildings, which have strong historical influences, the SKSM is built “in no particular style.”

One of only two Unitarian Universalist schools in the United States, the guiding principles of SKSM reflect the progressive nature of the GTU. As stated by the school’s first president, Earl Morse Wilbur, they are:  “complete mental freedom, rather than bondage to creeds or confessions,” “unrestricted use of reason in religion rather than reliance upon external authority or past tradition,” and “generous tolerance of differing religious views and usages rather than insistence upon uniformity in doctrine, worship or polity.” (Source)


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