University Christian Church

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The University Christian Church is one of the many Ratcliff buildings located on Holy Hill. It draws from English Gothic architecture, evidenced by the buttressed and crenellated entry tower and brick veneer. The building is supposed to be visually harmonious with the Pacific School of Religion and the Chuch Divinity School of the Pacific, which it borders.

The UCC was built by the Disciples of Christ, an organization with close ties to the PSR. But despite being built at the same time, in the same location and by the same architect, the University Christian Church had never been formally affiliated with the GTU. That is, until 2008 when the Pacific School of Religion acquired the building and renamed it the Ecumenical Center of Berkeley. The PSR was hoping to gain revenue from renting out the building and nurturing new ministries.

The Unity of Berkeley church moved into the building in 2009 but has recently vacated. Now Zaytuna College, a school for Islamic studies, is moving from the south side of the UC Berkeley campus to the Ratcliff building. Despite proximity to the GTU, land ownership and shared resources, Zaytuna College is not a member of the GTU.

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